Xingwang Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory

Xingwang Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory

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Shenzhen Xingwang Jewelry Co., Ltd

Xingwang Jewelry, a world's leading stainless steel  company operating since 2005, both headquarters and factories are located in Shenzhen, China. There, we create, design, develop, manufacture and export our Stainless Steel Jewelry to all over the wold.

As a world's famous Stainless Steel Jewelry manufacturer, our missoin is to value our customers to provide high quality products and are committed to unmatched credibility, stability and integrity. 

We are dedicated in customizaton and provide custom-made solutions to empower customers' brand with innovative product solutions, professional service, competitive price, marketing materials, sales assistance and more. 

Our OEM/ODM team delivers technological expertise to you to increase your competitiveness by focusing on your unique requirements, using the latest technology, producing work that is always at very high quality and craftsmanship with competitive pricing.

Our solutions are playing a major role in supporting companies, big or small, to achieve your sales goals. We can customize our services meet your specific needs and requirements at fair and reasonable prices with our flexible and efficient manufacturing system. We are with you every step of the way - from concept to design, through prototype, production sampling, manufacturing and marketing.

We are committed to support each and all customers to reach and maintain a leading role in their jewelry Market place.We strongly believe that both successes - ours and our customers’ are directly linked and depend on each other.Therefore we are investing endless sources of time, capital and efforts in creating new collections with wide range of new designs, new technologies and comprehensive marketing solutions - all targeted to the benefit of our customers, their needs and specific requirements.

Welcome to visit our headquarter and factory, we look forward to long-term cooperation with you!